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Starcast Engage I

Extraterrestrial Recognition

Series of 5 weekly Zoom meetings 

Day and time to be decided by participants. 

Fee $495

An exploration of the vast variety of star intelligences present in our lives and beyond. Patricia and Anne, as Starcast Alliance faculty, hold a safe, spacious place in which participants can explore whatever they feel, know or would like to learn about non-human intelligences.


Each group meeting begins with a meditation to attune to the Starcast Alliance portal and consciously connect with the cosmic intelligences who join us here. With that awareness in place, we follow what arises in the moment. We often provide specific information about star beings and their interactions with humans; how to enter into beneficial relationship with them; and, with their assistance, to attune our living to the higher, unitive frequencies.  Anne's horses join some zoom calls with their huge hearts and always-in-the-Now presences. 


Conversations with each other and with the animal and star intelligences who join us in the portal are lively, creative and often mind-bending. Participants guide the  arising  by their sharing, questions, reflections and above all, longings. 


The Starcast Alliance was established to form and normalize relationships with cosmic intelligences as they generously and lovingly assist our species in becoming galactic citizens. This class is for the curious, for those who long, for those who know there has always been more, and for those who no longer wish to be alone and confused about their experience, knowing, and how to contribute their gifts to the New World. 

There are no prerequisites for this series and no particular experience is necessary. You are warmly invited to join us!

90-minute weekly meetings for 5 weeks; maximum 6 participants.

Fee: $495

Payment plan and some scholarship assistance available.


Starcast Engage

Making Extraterrestrial Relationships Real in your Life

New group forming; dates to be determined.

Normalize your unique star-being relationships and access them for beneficial engagement. Strengthen consciousness and potency for healing of  "group bodies," wherever you encounter them in your life.

90-minute weekly meetings for 5 weeks; maximum 5 participants.

Fee: $495

Prerequisite: Starcast Engage  Part I. 

Starcast Engage Series III

Galactic Citizenship

Upon your request and with an interview.


Cross the threshold into a living practice of galactic citizenship by actualizing your commitment to unitive consciousness.

Practice group-body awareness facilitating access to higher states and purer, more coherent  information. 

90-minute weekly meetings for 5 weeks; maximum 5 participants.

Fee: $495

Pre-requisite: Starcast Engage Part I.

Earth Sacred Geo.jpg
Arising into the New World
...a down-to-earth seminar
Next dates to be announced. 
Clear spiritual, psychological and scientific information about the current evolutionary shift of humanity. How to ride the waves of chaos into the coherent, heartful higher dimensions. Practical modeling and support for our currently occurring evolutionary shift. Living with this awareness enables us to realize brilliant solutions to our chaotic and impossible” problems, and more fully actualize your potential for full self-expression, pleasure, creativity, and service to the world. Learn about and and touch on experiences of various states of consciousness including the third, fourth and fifth-and-higher dimensions; group consciousness; the crystalline grid; the quantum field and the void.  This is truly an exciting time as humanity's capacity to make these distinctions is coming "online."

Taught by Patricia and Anne. 

 Fee $350. No pre-requisite. 

Engaging the Starcast Alliance Portal

30-minute free personal Zoom Call with Patricia or Anne

Participate in the uplifting and purposeful energies of the Starcast Alliance as we...supported by the beings of the stars and higher dimensions...actualize our longings for the new order of harmony, coherence, grace and love.  Find out about the Starcast Alliance work to help you remember and activate your mission on this Earth at this critical time in humanity's evolution. 



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