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In April of 2020, a group of seven friends began to meet weekly to explore our lifelong awareness and love of the presences of the stars. Each of us had had very different experiences and imaginings of what “extra-terrestrial” meant, and very different vocabulary to try to talk about it. The one thread among us, however, was that we knew and trusted, in a very deep and true way, that inter-dimensional intelligences existed, we knew them, they knew us, and we all were important in each other's “lives.” As important, however, was that although we had lived with this love and awareness most of our lives, we had never really acknowledged it to others...or even fully to ourselves.


The challenges and opportunities of our current world events have led so many of us to ask, “What do I really want to do with my life? How can I be of the most value?  What have I always loved and wanted to explore?”  For us, one very important answer was to acknowledge our longings for the stars and somehow make that a working part of our daily living. 


Patricia stepped into the role of convener and main facilitator. She began each 90-minute meeting with a meditation. Her original intention for the short meditation periods was to center and enable the group to cohere. Quickly, however, the higher intelligences met us and together we created a portal into a frequency in which we humans could actively engage with star beings. Each of the humans involved already lived closely examined lives dedicated to the healing and evolution of the planet and all life, so we were united in the ground of our intention and the purpose of engagement. This portal is available anytime to any group of two or more convened through the Starcast Alliance.


The Earth aspect of the portal is held by the faculty of the Starcast Alliance and by the nature and animals of Campbells Lane Farm and the Great Bear retreat center. The Galactic aspect of the portal is opened by several collective intelligences. Those who have made themselves known are Pleiadians, Arcturians , Hathors and Lemurians, all of whom communicate from within their species’ group consciousness. We are also aware of other not-yet-identified galactics who are steady presences in the hologram of the portal. All of us work together as an increasingly unified body of awareness to provide a coherent, steadfast, purposeful presence on the Earth and throughout the other dimensions of our existence. 


The name came quickly. We call this partnership of the human beings, the animals who joined us on our calls (most frequently Anne’s horses and all our dogs and cats), our relationships with Nature, and the Cosmic Intelligences who were clearly engaged with us…”The Starcast Alliance.” “Starcast” reflecting the “cast” of characters of all these species and dimensions, and “Alliance” indicating that we are all equal partners in this work. Hence, “The Starcast Alliance…a conscious engagement of Nature, Animal, Human and Cosmic Intelligences.”


Our work together is both playful and purposeful - playful in its sense of pleasure, spontaneity, and full use of our individual and collective gifts, and purposeful in its service to the evolution of the Earth and of all beings.


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