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Other Programs
Dimensional Exploration with Horses


A virtual gathering convened by one of Anne's spirit-filled horses puts you into an expanded, high-frequency field with access to new perspectives and possibilities. Anne facilitates transformative interactions between her horses and the clients, opening portals of guidance, wisdom, and support from the Horse species, exploring energetic and dimensional shifts, and other higher dimensional intelligences.

90-minute weekly meetings for 5 weeks; (with the possibility of a different horse each week); maximum 8 participants; $400; facilitated by Patricia and Anne. Prerequisite: Starcast Explore Part I.

Star Cluster
Private Conversations with your Star Guides


Enter a meditative and wisdom-filled space created by Anne and Patricia to identify and access your personal connection to beings of higher frequencies. Bring your longings to connect to star people and receive their wisdom for the next steps of your path of conscious engagement. Learn methods to access this on your own or with others.

One hour, $250.

Star Seedlings Gatherings 


Young, human “star people” need a place to gather with their peers and create a knowing, affirming, fun but purposeful community. Recognition of starbeingness is the first step in creating this body of friends and allies. Parents and children are invited to a safe space held by Anne and friends and certainly by the animals of her farm.

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