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"I have always had a 'sense' there was more ….. more to this experience that is called life. Never feeling quite satisfied has fueled an insistent curiosity.  What is beyond human perception? How do I access this space? How could it be purposeful? These curiosities come from a longing that is deep inside of my spirit, a multi-diminsional being much larger than 'Anne.' My passion is to support others on their own quest, help awaken others to their multi-dimensional beingness and to embody it into this human consciousness...after all, we are having a very real human experience right now."


Anne is a graduate of the Southeastern School of Massage and the Barbara Brennan School of Healing. She has a 30-year career as a horse farm owner, manager, and award-winning trainer with a focus on developing the partnership between horse and rider. Anne is the founder of Insight Equine Therapy

"My great delight is supporting each of us who attend these Starcast Alliance groups to find and trust our inner authority. There is nothing like experiencing the coherent wisdom of a group body, knowing it has had the space to arise because each of us had the courage to be the most we can be in the moment."

An innovative teacher and organization creative, she has been forming and guiding New Age educational institutions for 40 years. Patricia is a clear and precise interpreter of practical higher-dimensional communication.


She was a class dean and vice president of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing, senior faculty member of the Radical Aliveness Institute, and faculty of the Core Energetics Institute. She is certified in these healing modalities for individuals and groups. Patricia received an M.B.A. from the University of Chicago Graduate School of Business and is a graduate of the Center for Intentional Living program in integrative psychology.  


The Being of the

Starcast Alliance Portal

In 2004, guided by her teacher, Barbara Brennan, Patricia became aware that every group of two or more individuals has an individual, identifiable consciousness. The Starcast Alliance group body is comprised of the humans, animals, cosmic intelligences and Nature in our meetings, It is through our partnership with the star beings and a more conscious attention to Nature's rhythms that we are aware of this group wisdom and learn to access it in our daily lives. 

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