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Individual Sessions

Individual Sessions
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Individual Sessions with Patricia


Address life challenges and longings for purposeful and fulfilling expression from the perspective of the 5th-and-higher dimensions. You and I will enter the Starcast Alliance portal, an increasingly unitive awareness which facilitates access to the wisdom and healing of galactic intelligences. When needed, we will do precise, life-issue-focused work, often tracking back to pinpoint childhood survival choices. However, in these times of arising, there are also new ways to “clear the decks” and move to the freedom and creativity of the New World perspective.

One hour; $125.00

Dimensional Exploration with Horse

An offering designed to explore higher dimensional fields and the intelligences that arise in these frequencies. In partnership with the horse species and star beings, I facilitate transformative experiences to activate your unique curiosities and actualize your longings. The optimizing perspectives of the higher frequencies gently open options for action that you may never have considered, organically guiding behavior and attitudes toward self-healing and self-awareness. Sessions are in person with my horse or yours and or by zoom with my horse or yours.

1 hour session $150.1 ½ hour session $175

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